Need music for your up coming wedding ceremony, a low key family event, memorial service, performance for your residents, or hire a side-person for your next music gig? You've come to the right place! Sound Wellness provides performance and studio musicians for hire. We offer a variety of entertainment and professional musician services.

Here are some of the services we offer:


  • Solo singer & guitar

  • Solo flute

  • The Nature Scape Duo- a collaboration between Sound Wellness and the Mahroo Hamedani Piano studio. The duo consists of Jessica Steinhebel on flute and voice and Mahroo Hamedani on piano playing a variety of classical through contemporary music. 

  • Other instrument and vocal configurations may be available upon request.

Studio Musicians for Hire

  • Flute

  • Vocal

  • Other instruments may be available upon request (i.e. saxophone, guitar).

Jessica has performed and/or recorded flute, vocals, guitar, or saxophone, with The Kareem Kandi Jazz Trio, The Nature Scape Duo, Shelly Short, Curtis Zinn, Secret Codes, John Gannon, Alexis Gideon, The Sport of Kings, Petoskey,  Lindsay Clark, Crystin Byrd Band,

Shadow Government Academy, Andy Mcelhattan, Graves, Steve Goldsmith, and numerous other music artists.


Jessica performing with Petoskey at the Aladdin Theater.

Jessica hired as a side-person to play with the Sport of Kings.

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