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How do you incorporate music into your daily wellness plan? Is anything from the list below one of your every day musical self-care strategies?

  • Sing in the shower.

  • Listen to music for an energy pick up or during exercise.

  • Sing car karaoke during your commute. 

  • Meditate to music.

  • Listen to music to unwind and relax.

  • Sing while you do chores around the house.

  • Sing while you cook or bake.

  • Learning an instrument.

  • Playing in a band.


The possibilities are endless! We are here to help you add music wellness to your day. Here are some classes we offer:


Current Available Music Wellness Classes:

  • Individual Flute lessons (virtual & *in-person)

  • Individual beginning Ukulele lessons (virtual &




Covid-19 Update:
Flute Club I Is postponed. Check back for new dates.

*In-person sessions have been temporarily moved online.

Music Wellness and Music Therapy Instruments
Poster of a previous Flute Club 1 offering in 2020.



Ukulele Club 1- Group ukulele lessons that are geared towards absolute beginners. This class will cover basic chords, strumming, and get you going on learning songs. You'll be uking around the camp fire or providing entertainment at your next family gathering in no time.


Move Your Maracas- This group class incorporates music making with percussion instruments and physical movement. We'll play a variety of percussion instruments while shaking our maracas to create our own musical creations. Absolutely no musical background needed. 


Ready to incorporate music into your everyday wellness routine? Have an idea for a class that's not listed? Give us a call today!

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